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How Canada’s New Marijuana Legislation
Affects the Workplace

Amico’s Management Team has been be treated the same as it always has - even
reviewing the upcoming changes in the once recreational marijuana is legalized.
legislation related to the legalization of
recreational marijuana and the potential More information on Amico’s updated Fit for
impacts it may have on the workplace. Duty Policy will be released this fall, prior to
Although medical marijuana has been legal the October 17 start date. In the meantime,
in Canada since 1999, recreational marijuana should you require more information, please
will officially become legal on Oct. 17, 2018. visit “Cannabis in Canada” (link below) –
Given the significance of this issue, and the Government of Canada’s official site for
subsequent increased use that is anticipated all things cannabis and its legalization.
with these changes, the Amico Management
Team would like all staff to be aware that
Alcohol and Drugs (including marijuana) will campaigns/cannabis.html


Amico’s Design Build division recently A COR™ certified company is one that helps
completed and was successful with its first to promote consistent and positive workplace
external Certificate of Recognition (CORâ„¢) behaviour and practices that leads to
health and safety audit! CORâ„¢          improved health and safety
provides employers with an             performance. In fact, it is currently
effective tool to assess their         being used across Canada and
health and safety management           is a pre-qualification requirement
system. Amico Design Build             for many contractors working
now joins Infrastructures              in and out of the province and
Oxford and Windsor as active           on public and private-sector
participants in the Certificate of     projects. By achieving its third
Recognition Program. The Amico         CORâ„¢ certification, Amico has
Management Team would like             once again showed its continued
to thank all employees and subcontractors commitment to our clients, customers and
for their continued effort and dedication to staff that health and safety is always at the
working in a healthy and safe manner.  	 forefront of everything we do.

CODE OF BUSINESS CONDUCT Amico recently updated
its Code of Business Conduct (CoBC), established in 2016
to ensure common transparent practices. Information on the
program is available under the “About Us” tab on the company
website (
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