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As Amico continues to expand their team consists of one individual
projects, we now frequently find wearing a portable shocking unit
ourselves working in watercourses and one person positioned on either
that require the services of a licensed side of the "shocker" and slightly
aquatic specialist to conduct a fish downstream to net and transfer the
salvage. The fish specialist must have shocked fish to a temporary holding
a permit to conduct a fish salvage. bin and record data. The sampling
                                        is performed moving in an upstream
WHEN IS A FISH SALVAGE direction focusing on shocking those                         G
REQUIRED? Fish salvages occur areas most likely to harbor the                       O
when construction activities have targeted fish species.                            I
to be done above in or near a                                                       N
watercourse that could have a                                                       G
harmful effect on the aquatic health
of the stream, ditch or watercourse.                                                E
These activities may include a culvert                                              N
installation or bridge construction or                                              V
something as minor as operating a                                                   I
concrete saw over a watercourse.                                                    R
Aquatic biologists also conduct fish                                                O
salvages to monitor the health of a HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE? Most                     N
watercourse by counting the species fish salvages can be completed in one          M
of fish and studying the overall health day after two or three passes have          E
of the aquatic habitat.                 been done in the isolated work zone.        N
                                        The aquatic specialist will inform the      T
HOW DOES IT WORK? The project manager or foreman when                              A
method employed calls for the use of they feel confident that all the fish          L
electrical power to momentarily stun have been rescued.
fish within an effective range from                                                WITH
the backpack shocking unit. Based Fish salvages will become more
primarily on ambient conductivity prevalent as Amico continues to work          BRENT
and the size and species of fish in or near sensitive aquatic habitats.         REEVES
targeted for collection, a voltage is By allowing for this important work to
selected that effectively stuns fish in be completed, Amico will continue to
a non-lethal manner. This allows for satisfy our environmental compliance
the return of fish to the water body in association with our contracts and
unharmed. The minimum sampling Amico can play a role in preserving
team size is two individuals. Additional our natural environments.
staff can be selected depending on
the width of the water body being Environmentally Yours,
sampled and the need for complete
coverage across the stream. The
configuration for a standard sized
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